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Virtual reality is changing the way we communicate with our audience. It’s opening doors to worlds that have yet to be explored. It allows us to give customers a walking tour of our venues from the comfort of their sofa. It can act as a time capsule, locking in experiences that shouldn’t be limited by the size of a building. It can even be the setting of a gamified version of the city with characters who can tell players about what’s on Dawson Street. Or Francis Street. Or Sandymount Strand. Put simply, virtual reality is anything you want it to be.

Chapter 01 - PUB
Check our latest project developed for a upcoming VR platform and find the meaning of Slainte.


248 Years Old - Porto Alegre city
Check our previous project developed to gift the city by the Porto Alegre city 248 anniversary. 


Wedding of Priscila & Cormac
We love to tell stories, take a look at this sneak peek of this beautiful couple.


Why Virtual Reality?

Imagine this: You are a designer who is looking to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level. You want to give exposure to your new product designs in a new and exciting way--but normal web based marketing isn’t working.

Problems like this are something that individuals face across industries, and across the world. As the digital age becomes more fast paced, interaction with the media and web we browse becomes more fast paced alongside it. We are witnessing a revolution and evolution in the way that users engage with the internet and their digital media. Simply put, people want to interact with the digital world, not only through viewing it.

That is the problem we at UNIVERSe42 aim to solve. Virtual reality is a fast evolving and industry disrupting technology. It is changing the way that media is being created, and is improving our digital interaction capabilities rapidly. UNIVERSe42 is a design team that is dedicated to diving head first into the limitless world of Virtual Reality. We help design and create virtual experiences that users can fully engage with. They can click, explore, have dialogue with, and navigate these Virtual Reality web pages from the comfort of their own homes or class rooms.

The VR web pages that we design are tailor made to suit your business, product, or needs; and they are fully functional across all devices, mobile or computer. This means that your end users will be able to engage with your custom made website in a way like never before. In the same way that mobile smart devices changed the way we browse the web, VR will change the way that users interact with the web. We truly believe that every industry on earth can benefit from a unique, and custom designed Virtual Reality web page.

We specialize in making VR experiences for digital marketing campaigns, promotional videos, and even educational material. We can help turn your product launch into a full blown VR specticle; or even turn your e-learning curriculum into a true interactive lesson. This is the power of VR, and what it can do for web based engagement.

If you want to take your digital presence into the future with us, contact us today. We can provide you with a free quote, and set you up with one of our many VR design experts. When you choose UNIVERSe42, you are choosing to join a movement that aims to change the future of technology and internet browsing. Let’s create a truly amazing VR experience together!